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If you are looking for the brightest rock lights on the market, you have found them!
These LED rock lights are 15x brighter than our standard single color rock lights. Each rock light has 36 LED's which have been tested to be the brightest on the market. They are also "slim fit" which leads to a cleaner look. 
Our white high power rock lights are developed using the newest technology! They are the brightest, and most durable on the market. We offer 4-Piece, 8-Piece, 12 Piece, 16 Piece, 20 Piece, 24 Piece, 28 Piece, 32 Piece, and 36 Piece kits.
When using the Bluetooth remote, you will be able to adjust the brightness level on your high power rock lights. You are also able to pair your rock lights to music and use strobing functions.
**Mounting hardware is included on all kits.